April’s The Social: Trends of SXSW, Facebook Video, “The Kiss”, And More


Birds are chirping, flowers and blooming and April’s edition of The Social is here for your reading pleasure!

This month, we discuss the hottest of the hot in social. From strangers sharing their first smooch to the most popular trends at SXSW - we’ve covered it all.

  • The Secret Behind Secret - 45 Days of Success
  • Twitter Testing Promoted Accounts on Desktop Timelines
  • Facebook Video Re-Launched
  • Between Two Ferns with Barack Obama
  • NEW: Viral Video of the Month - The Kiss
  • Satire or Startup? Hoax Apps
  • SXSW Trends: Put It On Then Take It Off

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The Secret of Secret - 45 Days of Success


Secrets, secrets are so fun. Secrets, secrets… are the latest genre of apps flooding the market! Secret, one of the latest anonymous message sharing apps, has generated a ton of buzz in its short time in the market. The 45-day-old (now 62) service joined the likes of Whisper, Mark Cuban’s Cyber Dust, Glimpse and Omlet.me among the most talked about anonymous-based apps at SXSW.

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Twitter Testing Promoted Accounts on Desktop Timelines



 Twitter is currently testing, with an eye on launching, promoted accounts directly into the desktop timelines. This feature is already available on mobile (since there are no sidebars) and the suggested users sections have been around for a while, but this is the first time promoted posts will be in-stream.

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Facebook Video Re-Launched



What’s Facebook video?

Facebook video is a premium video product that auto-plays without sound upon being served within users’ newsfeed. The release of this product, which has been rumored since last August , launched with Summit Entertainment for the film release of Divergent back in December. In response to running this one campaign, Facebook decided to pull the product from the market for further testing and is just now gearing up for a two-phased (re)launch. First with a small group of advertisers from mid-April to mid-May, with the expectation of a full release come May.

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Between Two Ferns with… Barack Obama?


On March 11th, 2014, Barack Obama became the first President to guest on Zach Galifianakis’ odd and hysterical web series, Between Two Ferns, and quickly became a social media phenomenon. The awkward, yet hilarious online series has hosted famous celebrities like Justin Bieber and Steve Carell (who, by the way, made Zach cry). The webisode features President Barack Obama throwing punches left and right at Galifianakis, with the comedian rebutting but ultimately failing to outwit Mr. President. The video became viral fast with 1MM views in less than 4 hours and trended nationally on Twitter and Facebook.

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Viral Video of the Month - The Kiss


Many of you may have recently had your hearts melted by the viral sensation “First Kiss”, a video depicting strangers kissing for the first time.  Soon after its release, it became clear that the video was commissioned by a clothing designer to showcase her clothing line’s fall collection for Style.com’s Video Fashion Week; naturally causing a backlash.  The video’s popularity had the online world abuzz all week, with some industry experts suggesting that it could prompt designers to think more creatively about how to market their collections.  In the Social community, it should also raise questions regarding reputation management; how transparent should people and brands be when creating faux-organic content for commercial purposes?  What sort of pre-planned responses should be ready in case there is backlash?  The designer feigned ignorance that the video would do so well and thus had “no plan” for addressing the negativity, but as the video currently sits at 71MM views on YouTube there’s also advertising running in front of it, so how “ignorant” can one be?  Check out the video above.

Satire or Startup? Hoax Apps Blur The Line Between Real And Fake


There’s an app for everything, it seems. But some of those apps? They’re actually fake.

In an attempt to shed a bit of light (and humor) on our collective obsession with trendy, uber-specific, or arcane uses for mobile technology, web developers and jokesters alike have been putting together fake app campaigns. The sites have the design chops, the jargon, and the plausibility to make audiences scratch their heads—drumming up some real press in the process. 


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SXSW Trends: Put it On Then Take It Off


Put it on: Wearable Technology

Wearable technology……

While Subway hopped on this trend in the main conference center showing interactive pants, Shaq waxed lyrical about his life post professional sports and how his Nike FitBit fits into his workout schedule. One of the more disappointing keynotes, the larger of the event spaces steadily emptied as the crowd realized Shaq was maybe not as deeply informed on wearable tech as the crowd. That is the step SXSW ’14 has taken, wearable is no longer just a buzz word, attendees were looking for practical applications and advertising opportunities, not light anecdotes. One of the better discussions on the topic saw representatives from the US PGA, Coke and Visa hypothesize about future implementations for wearable tech like virtual caddies, virtual ski jumps and swipe-free, location promoted purchases.


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